Hi, I'm a London based illustrator and surface pattern designer.

In my artworks, I aim to create beautiful visual escapades, a magical world the viewer can escape to.

My favourite medium is ink pens, watercolour and often just a humble graphite pencil. I use the very tippy top of the sharpest leads to really get into all the tiny details of whatever I'm drawing. I then render the artwork digitally to create this wonderful fusion of analogue and digital art. I think this approach can elevate a simple illustration to something more special and unique.

My drawings are highly detailed and often celebrate nature at its most decorative.

I draw inspiration from chinoiserie, vintage tapestries, traditional natural history illustrations, and the best designer - nature itself. I don't think people will ever get tired of being in and around the beauty of nature. 

I have designed bespoke textiles, stationery, packaging and everything in between, so get in touch and let's collaborate on something beautiful! 

Elena Tamova_edited.png