Elena is a London based illustrator and surface pattern designer.

She makes highly detailed drawings rooted in traditional natural history and botanical illustration with her own contemporary spin on them. 

Her favourite medium is watercolour, although she often prefers to work simply in graphite pencil rendering work digitally to create a colourful semi-realistic world, which celebrates nature at its most decorative.  

Her inspiration comes from chinoiserie, old tapestries, vintage jewellery, historic architecture, folklore and of course nature itself.

In her artworks, Elena aims to create beautiful visual escapades, a magical world the viewer can escape to.

Elena has collaborated with companies designing textiles, stationery and luxury home decor items, painstakingly creating bespoke designs for each individual project. She loves seeing her work out "in the wild", whether it is a repeat pattern or a stand alone element.  


Elena Tamova_edited.png