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  • In How to Colour Drawings in Photoshop you will learn all the skills you need to colour your ink pen or graphite pencil drawings digitally. You will be able to see the step by step process of how to get your artwork ready for colouring, work with a specific colour palette, add shading, texture and export your artwork for prints.  

  • Why You Should Take This Class: At the end of this class you will have a lot more confidence in using Photoshop and be much more familiar with how to use it for colouring artwork. You will learn how to work with layers and blending modes, how to use brushes and add texture as well as pick up a number of useful tips and shortcuts along the way. 

  • Who This Class is For: This class is suitable for complete beginners in Photoshop.

  • Materials/Resources: All you need is a drawing to colour (downloadable in the Class Resources) and access to Photoshop. 

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